• Insight into the key predictor of professional success
  • Test your candidates on various (educational) levels
  • Insight into professional and intellectual ability
  • Can be completed online in 30 minutes


The aim: to determine intellectual ability

Intelligence is the most important predictor of job performance. No other characteristic is as crucial to the success of employees. HFMtalentindex offers several tests that determine people’s cognitive abilities. These tests allow you to find out right away if your candidate possesses the required level of working and thinking

How it works: valid tests for each educational level

The capacities tests can be set to senior secondary vocational, higher professional and university education levels. Your candidate’s scores will automatically be compared with the scores of a large and representative norm group at the desired level.

The result: employees who have the required intellectual ability

HFMtalentindex’s VIT provides a complete picture of your candidate’s intellectual ability in 30 minutes. HFMtalentindex also provides specific intelligence tests to measure:
• Abstract reasoning skills
• Numerical reasoning skills
• Logical reasoning skills
• Numeracy skills
• Verbal ability

The Capacity Tests are a component of HFMtalentindex

The Capacity Tests VIT and SIT are components of HFMtalentindex, the most advanced and user friendly online assessment system currently available. HFMtalentindex enables you to easily and rapidly carry out scientifically tested, reliable and valid psychological tests at any point in the HR process and therefore ensures that you benefit more from talent.